BTEC Home Cooking Skills

NCFE Level 1/2 Tech Award Food and Cookery

The qualification consists of 2 mandatory units with one being a externally set exam. 

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

· *prepare and cook using basic skills

· *understand food and its functions in the body and in recipes

· *understand balanced diets and modification of recipes for health

· *plan and produce dishes for a purpose.

Unit 01 48 GLH 40% Weighting Externally assessed:

written examination

(externally marked)

Unit 02 72 GLH 60% Weighting Internally assessed:

synoptic project*

(externally quality assured)

TOTAL 120 GLH 100%

The course leads to a qualification in Level 1/2 Tech Award Food and Cookery:

Pass  – Grade C / Number 5 ( High C )

Merit – Grade B/ Number 7 ( High B)

Distinction – Grade A/ Number 8 (High A)