Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy is the ability for people to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express their own and other people’s emotions. Students discover their strengths and weaknesses and appropriate interventions are suggested to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

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Emotional Literacy Optional
Outline of course and examples of learning outcomes:

  • Participation in conversations with an adult and peers
  • Turn-taking during group activities
  • Using language to express thoughts and feelings
  • Developing reasoning and enquiry skills
  • Using empathy while in conflict
  • To build trusting relationships

You will be taught the knowledge, skills and understanding, in accordance with the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education National Curriculum, through:

Learning Organisation

This is a personalised course tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils. This course develops skills and knowledge under Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. You will have sessions on an individual basis and with some opportunities to work with peers every week. You will have access to appropriate interactive resources during the sessions, which will form the foundation of the work and will be enriched by a variety of verbal and hands on activities. Each theme will start by helping you to recognise your emotions linked to situations and you will learn to select and apply a range of strategies to interpret and analyse problems and generate appropriate strategies to solve them.

Independent Learning

You will be applying your skills and knowledge during activities within your classroom lessons, during social time and at play times.

 Assessment Organisation

100% by Teacher and pupil assessments.
Boxall profiling and GL assessments will be undertaken twice a year. Regular assessments through observations and outcomes achieved will help to track progress through the course to enable modifications to be made to support the pupil with the module being taught.