Read, Write Inc.

Read Write Inc. Optional
Outline of course and examples of learning outcomes:

  • Participation in conversations that build trust and relationships
  • Systematic learning of basic graphemes (Phonics), graduating on to more complex sound groups
  • Using ‘sound talk’ and expression when reading.
  • Developing comprehension through questioning and repartition
  • Exploring and securing grammar through re-writing stories
  • Exploring the relationship between sound groups / graphemes in common spellings

Learning Organisation:

Read Write Inc is a catch up reading programme, which targets synthetic phonics through systematic teaching. RWI is delivered as a 1 -1 intervention scheme, which relies on constant revision and recall of material from previous sessions. This is to ensure students’ security and confidence before moving forwards. Furthermore, RWI is an explicit literacy programme, which can be used to target students’ individual learning needs including, writing, reading and comprehension. RWI is a highly visual scheme, which incorporates visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.

Independent Learning

You will be applying your skills and knowledge during activities within your classroom lessons, during social time and at play times.

Assessment Organisation

100% by Teacher and pupil assessments.
Read Write Inc and Reading assessments are carried out on a regular basis. Delivery of the Hodder reading assessment helps ascertain student reading age, reading accuracy, standardised score and comprehension level.  Assessment and observation outcomes are used to track progress throughout the year and enable modifications to be made to support student progress.