KS3 Food

Key stage 3 encompasses lots of learning in preparation for studies at GCSE.  During the one to two year they will then have a solid foundation to develop a range of dishes and meet clients dietary needs.

Each Year group explores the following topics each term at a different level and to different degree of depth.  This builds and extends foundation knowledge so they are aware and prepared for their GCSE Courses.

The topics are :

  1. Food, nutrition and health – including the facts and requirements of different food groups, dietary need of individuals,  effects of over nutrition and malnutrition, vitamins and minerals and their function with the body, how to prepare diet plans and design menus for individuals with different dietary needs.
  2. Food sciences – Heat transfer methods, functional properties and chemical properties of food.
  3. Food safeties – Food safety and contamination, food spoilage, bacterial contamination, buying and storing food.
  4. Food choices – factors that affect choice, factors that affect religion,
  5. Food provenances – Environmental and sustainability, food production.
  6. Project based term – set by the teacher.

Within the course their will be practical and written assessment tasks as this helps the teacher support with assessment and also help students understand areas for development.