KS3 Science

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1 Laboratory skills and safety.

Hazard symbols.

Acids and alkalis.

Laboratory skills and safety recap.

Hazard symbols refresh.

Energy transfers.

Comparing science fiction with science fact.

Cells recap.

Genetics and selective breeding.

Term 2 Cells (including tissues, organs etc).



Cells recap and further detail.

Healthy lifestyle and the effects of drugs.

Microbes (including a recap of cells)

Natural defences and antibiotic resistance.

Further healthy lifestyle and drugs study.

Term 3 Chemical reactions.

Combustion including chemical word equations.

Metals and acids.

Word and chemical equations.

Periodic table introduction.

Life cycles of plants and insects.


Innate and learned behaviours (Pavlov).

Term 4 Environment and habitats.

Food chains.

Adaptation introduction.

Distribution (including a recap of habitats).

Adaptation in more depth.

Daily/seasonal changes and moon phases.

Mass/weight and gravity.

Solar system.

Electromagnetic spectrum.

Term 5 Forces. Sound and light (inc work on waves). Speed/velocity including motion graphs.
Term 6 Rock cycle.


Electricity including models and evaluation. Evolution (recap adaptation).

Food webs.